Catch more fish with proven tips and techniques from fishing guides, pros and successful anglers for each fishing season of the year.  

Two-time Alabama Bass Trail Angler of the Year and five-time ABT winner Chris Rutland of Wetumpka on Lake Jordan with a spotted bass.

Photograph by Stephen Davis

Catch more fish with proven tips and techniques from fishing guides, pros and successful anglers for each fishing season of the year.  

Two-time Alabama Bass Trail Angler of the Year Chris Rutland of Wetumpka on Lake Jordan with a spotted bass.

Photograph by Stephen Davis

Prespawn Bass on Lake Guntersville

Jordan Lee's Tactics for Prespawn Bass on Lake Guntersville

Jordan Lee's tactics for finding and catching prespawn bass on Lake Guntersville.

Bass fishing on Lake Wedowee

Explosive Bass Fishing on Lake Wedowee

Springtime bass fishing on Wedowee is like a stick of dynamite says Jackson Bonner.

A Winning Pattern for Lake Eufaula's Bass in Spring

A Winning Pattern for Lake Eufaula's Bass in Spring

Shane Powell's pattern for catching Lake Eufaula's largemouth bass in spring produces winning weights of nearly 30 pounds.

Dustin Connell's Top Pick for Spotted Bass

Dustin Connell's Strategy for Fishing Lake Jordan

Fishing Tips from Dustin Connell on Jordan's largemouth and spotted Bass in April.

Lake Martin Bass and Crappie

Same Day Bass and Crappie on Lake Martin

If you are ready to experience heart-stopping action for bass and the thrill of catching crappie on the same day, April is a fantastic month.


Spring Tactics for Pickwick Crappie

When water temperatures reach 58 degrees on Pickwick Lake, Keith Dodd's long-line trolling techniques produce slabs.

spider rig with livescope

Spider Rigging with LiveScope on Wheeler Lake

Winning tournament angler Kevin McCarley combines spider rigging with LiveScope for finding and catching crappie on Wheeler Lake in April.

post-spawn bass

Post-Spawn Bass Fishing on Lake Eufaula

Winning Lake Eufaula specialist Ryan Ingram reveals why, where and how to catch post-spawn largemouth bass.

big bass

Lake Guntersville Big Bass Fishing Tips for Late Spring

Veteran guide Tim Chandler's technique for finding and catching big largemouth bass during and after the spawn on Big G.

Pickwick Bass

Bass Fishing on Pickwick Lake in May

Anglers headed to Pickwick must decide which species of bass to target. Successful tournament angler and guide Brent Crow shares his tactics.

Lake Jordan

May Patterns for Lake Jordan's Bass

Two-time Alabama Bass Trail Angler of the Year Chris Rutland reveals winning patterns for finding and catching Lake Jordan’s bass.

Catching Smith Lake's Bass in May

Secrets Revealed for Catching Smith Lake's Bass in May

Winning tournament anglers Jesse Wiggins and Craig Daniel reveal the secrets of their success.

flatheads this spring

Catch More Flatheads this Spring on the Tennessee River

Legendary catfish guide Mike Mitchell reveals his strategy for catching flatheads this spring on Wheeler Lake.

Top Bluegill Destination

Take a Family Fishing Trip to Lake Guntersville

Bama's top bluegill destination for May and June.

Wilson Dam Catfish

Wilson Dam Catfish Action in June

Instead of fishing for trophy blue catfish this month, veteran guide Mike Mitchell targets channel catfish below the Wilson Dam.

Winning Bass Patterns on Weiss

Winning Bass Patterns on Weiss Lake

Winning offshore patterns for bass in June on the first lake on the Coosa River chain of lakes.

Lake Jordan's Best Patterns

Lake Jordan's Best Patterns for June

Brent Crow details strategies for catching largemouth and spots on Lake Jordan in June.

Summer Crappie

Summer Crappie on Logan Martin

When water temperatures peak during summer, crappie become a mystery to many anglers. Here is how successful guide and tournament angler Ryan Willis mastered warm-water crappie.


Night Fishing in the Surf for Bull Redfish

On summer nights, anglers can experience the thrill of catching bull redfish from shore. Surf fishing guide Matt Boyington’s dynamite technique produces big fish. 

alabama parks

Summer Fun and Fishing at Oak Mountain State Park

Bama's largest state park is where families can enjoy fishing and other activities to give children a love of the outdoors. Here is what you need to know.

Mobile Delta Bream

Mobile Delta Bream Busting

The myriad lakes, creeks and bayous of the Mobile Delta are home to plenty of bream. Here’s a year-round look at the fishing the region offers for these tasty battlers.

Wes Logan

Wes Logan’s Favorite Summer Patterns for Neely Henry Bass

Summer is our longest seasonal fishing period. Winning Bassmaster Elite angler Wes Logan’s summer patterns produce quality bass on this Coosa River lake.

Summer Catfish

Alabama Catfish Prospects for Summer

During summer, blue and flathead catfish offer anglers an opportunity to catch both numbers and possibly a trophy. Alabama anglers are never far from great catfish waters.

Find Big Crappie on Lake Eufaula using Garmin’s LiveScope

Find Big Crappie on Lake Eufaula using Garmin LiveScope

Tournament angler Blake Phillips uses the latest technology and lures to catch big crappie on Lake Eufaula with a pattern that produces year-round.

Lower Chattahoochee Catfish Action

Lower Chattahoochee Catfish Action

Downstream from Eufaula, the "Hooch" offers excellent summer catfishing. Here's how to join in the fun!

Summer Bassin on the Tombigbee River

Summer Bassin on the Tombigbee River

Aliceville, Gainesville and Demopolis lakes on the Tombigbee River provide plenty of bass action in July.

Summer night fishing

Summer Night Fishing on Weiss Lake

Guide Mike Carter has found spotted bass cannot resist spinnerbaits on summer nights.

For an outdoor family, fishing creates some of the most memorial times in a child's life. Catching a first fish, a big fish or a certain species forms an unforgettable memory. Combine this with a first camping trip to the beach and it's truly a remarkable vacation. No summer vacation would be complete without a trip to our coast where saltwater opportunities abound. Orange Beach offers a wide variety of species and world-class fishing. And onshore, families can experience a variety of activities and attractions. Plan to spend one of your vacation days with Captain Troy Frady of Orange Beach on his 41-foot Hatteras named Distraction. He offers families highly specialized trips for reef fish on his 41-foot Hatteras named Distraction. He goes the distance to enrich a family’s time on the water. "My focus," Frady explained, "is on people who look at fishing as an experience -- a fun activity while they are on vacation. It's also educational. The deckhand shows the kids how to tie the knots and make the different rigs we fish. Both adults and children are welcome to come upstairs into the wheelhouse to drive the boat and try their hand at navigation by following a GPS course. And whenever we see wildlife, we don't pass it up; you can't assume people have seen dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and the other organisms living in our waters." Frady promotes sustainable fish management by encouraging clients to adopt catch and release or to keep only the best fish. This successful captain also specializes in catching reef fish higher in the water column to avoid injuries from barotrauma. He does not fish on the bottom. "I circle an artificial reef until sonar shows fish suspended over the reef," Frady said. "I hold the boat in position and we start throwing chunks of baitfish to entice them closer to the surface. We usually don't have a problem as red snapper are aggressive feeders." As you can imagine, catching reef fish close to surface has more advantages than the health of the fish: tangles are rare, it is not necessary to vent fish, light tackle is more fun, and the action if faster. Frady's gear for this situation is not what you would expect. "I have bass rods rated for 12-pound-test line," he continued, "but I do use 30-pound-test line due to the sharp teeth on reef fish. However, if the fish are skittish, I'll tie on a 10-pound-test fluorocarbon leader. To take your family fishing with Troy Frady, telephone him at (251) 975-8111 or visit his website at www.distractioncharters.com. An excellent place to stay on Alabama’s coast is the 6,150-acre Gulf State Park located in Gulf Shores. It has two miles of beach, a large campground, cabins, hiking trails and a fishing pier. There is also a golf course, nature center, tennis courts and a 900-acre lake. For more information on Gulf State Park, visit www.alapark.com/parks/gulf-state-park.

Family Fishing for Orange Beach Reef Fish

Take the family reef fishing off Orange Beach for an unforgettable adventure.

Big Summer Catfish on Lake Andrews

Winning tournament angler Jody Atkins nabs trophy cats on the Chattahoochee River.

summer crappie

Summer Crappie on the Alabama River

Winning tournament angler and guide Brandon Threadgill has solved the mysteries of finding and catching crappie on the river in summer.

flathead catfishing in alabama

Summer Destinations for Flatheads

Five hot destinations for summer flathead catfishing in Alabama.

Summer Bassin

Summer Bassin at Night on Smith Lake

Winning tournament angler Jordan Wiggins reveals how to find and catch spotted bass at night during the heat of summer on Lewis Smith Lake.

Limblines for Big Alabama Catfish

Limblines for Big Alabama River Catfish

How to catch big Alabama River catfish using limblines.

Summer Crappie

Mastering Summer Crappie Fishing on Alabama's Rivers

When the scorching days of summer arrive, many anglers stop fishing. Here’s the scoop from guide Shane Jones on why, where, and how to make the most of your summer fishing adventures.

Summer Bass Tactics

Late Summer Bass Tactics on Jones Bluff

From late June to early October, crankbaits and jigs are a one-two punch on the Alabama River.

Big Creek's Late Summer Pattern

A Late Summer Pattern for Bass on Big Creek Lake

This Mobile City water supply reservoir yields 5-pounders in late summer.

Weiss Lake Crappie

Find and Catch Weiss Lake Crappie in Late Summer

Veteran guide and winning tournament angler David Stancil reveals how anglers can catch as many crappie in September as in spring.

Three Patterns for Big Creek's Largemouth in Early Fall

Three Patterns for Big Creek's Largemouth in Early Fall

September through mid-October provides Big Creek Lake anglers an excellent opportunity to have fun fishing shallow or deep.

Fall Frog Fishing Patterns for Lake Guntersville

Fall Frog Fishing Patterns for Lake Guntersville

Mike Carter's two fall FRAWG patterns produce explosive strikes on Lake Guntersville from September through November.

Live Sonar

Lessons Learned with Live Sonar

You don't have to have live sonar to apply many of these lessons learned by Alabama’s anglers to your own fishing.

Weiss Lake Slab Crappie

Long-line Trolling at Weiss Lake

Hot tips from a top crappie guide for catching slabs in November.

Bass fishing on Pickwick

Top Tips for Fall Bass on Pickwick Lake

The hottest smallmouth bite on the planet begins in October on the Tennessee River.

best smallmouth fishing

Smallmouth Tips From Three Pickwick Lake Guides

When it comes to the best smallmouth bass fishing on the planet, few lakes enjoy the reputation of Pickwick. If you are an avid smallmouth angler, don’t let this bucket list adventure pass you by.

Fising on Smith Lake

Jesse Wiggins' Fall Topwater Action on Smith Lake

Fall is the time of the year for spotted bass to explode on topwater lures. Here is winning tournament angler Jesse Wiggins' can't fail pattern.

Fishing on Lake Frank Jackson

Fall Camping and Fishing on Lake Frank Jackson

A fall camping trip to this state lake in Opp is a fishing treat.

Spotted Bass Action this Fall on Lake Jordan

Winning tips for finding and catching spotted bass this fall.

Bass fishing on Smith Lake

No Place for Bass to Hide on Smith Lake Using Garmin LiveScope

Catch spotted bass, largemouth and striped bass in a day of fall fishing.

Fishing for Fall Bass on Lake Martin

Fall fishing for spotted bass is turning on! Here are Dallas Weldon’s patterns for catching both spots and largemouth on Lake Martin.

striped bass

Top Fall Pattern for Striped Bass on Lake Martin

Chilly temperatures and a changing season trigger a must-eat attitude in stripers on Lake Martin. If you are ready for fast action, use this pattern to catch all the fish you can handle.

Flathead Catfish

Fall Catfishing for Trophy Flatheads on Lay Lake

Apex predators, flatheads don't conform to catfishing stereotypes. This is where and how these big fish are targeted on Lay Lake.

fall fishing for crappie

Fall Fishing for Slab Crappie on Lake Eufaula

Fall crappie fishing on Lake Eufaula heats up as the water cools. Here is a look at how professional crappie guide Tony Adams catches crappie.

fishing for redfish

Fishing the Mobile Delta for Redfish

Experience incredible fall fishing for redfish on the Mobile Delta in November. Captain Scott Ritter says catches of up to 50 fish are possible.

national fishing

National Champion Eric Cagle Reveals How To Find Crappie

Winning tournament angler and guide Eric Cagle’s techniques for finding and catching crappie on Lake Martin in late fall.

Fall to Winter Fishing for Spotted Sea Trout on Mobile Bay

Deep holes in rivers and canals can hold aggressive trout readily willing to hit artificials. Here is what you need to know.

Fall Crappie

Fall Patterns for Crappie on Weiss Lake

Some of the best fishing weather comes in October, November and December. Guide Tim Pentecost reveals the best fall patterns for catching crappie.

Winter bass fishing

Russ Lane's Hot Patterns on Lake Jordan

Russ Lane's tips for catching largemouth and spotted bass in late fall and winter.

Winter fishing on the Coosa

Neely Henry's Trophy Catfish

Cold water fishing for trophy cats on the Coosa River.

Winter Largemouth on Lake Eufaula

Winter Largemoutn on Lake Eufaula

Winning tournament angler Ryan Ingram reveals patterns for catching big bass in late winter.

Nearshore Redfish Action

Bama's Winter Nearshore Action off Orange Beach

Fast fishing nearshore for 20- to 30-pound redfish with crankbaits and topwater lures.

3 pound crappie

Catch Slab Crappie This Winter on Lake Guntersville

A pattern for catching 2- to 3-pound crappie from last fall through winter on Lake Guntersville.

cold water bass

Top Cold-Water Bass Patterns for Millers Ferry

David Hagan's cold water patterns for catching big bass on the Alabama River.

Winter Crappie

Winter Fishing Hotspot: Lake Guntersville's Big Crappie Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time angler, Lake Guntersville offers a winter crappie fishing experience that is second to none.

Big Bear Crappie Fishing

Catch More Slabs on Big Bear

Veteran guide Brad Whitehead says Big Bear is a hidden treasure for crappie.

Prespawn Spotted Bass

Catching Prespawn Spotted Bass on the Black Warrior River

Winning angler and guide Russell Jones reveals how to find and catch prespawn spotted bass. Discover the best spots, techniques, and lures for success in late winter and early spring.

sheepshead fishing

Sheepshead Fishing Heats Up as Water Temperatures Rise

Record sheepshead holder and guide Patric Garmeson’s tips and techniques for catching these notorious nibblers on Mobile Bay this spring.

Logan Parks and Tucker Smith

Tucker Smith's Favorite Pattern for Bass on Logan Martin

In March, fishing for spotted bass on the Coosa River offers fast action! Here's Tucker Smith’s pattern for catching bass on Logan Martin.

Dustin Connell

Dustin Connell's Top Pick for Spotted Bass

Oliver Lake on the Warrior River offers some of the best fishing in the state for trophy spots in early spring.

bass on lake martin

How to Catch March Bass on Lake Martin

Winning tournament angler Logan Parks reveals his strategy for catching a heavy bag of largemouth and spotted bass on Martin.

Our Record Bluegill and Shellcracker

T. S. Hudson’s bluegill weighed 4 pounds, 12 ounces, and it was 15 inches long, with a girth of 18¼ inches. 

The shellcracker caught by T. J. Lashley  Sr. of Ardilla officially weighing 4 pounds, 4 ounces. It measured 15 inches in length and 7½ inches from top to  bottom.