Crappie Fishing

Lake Martin Bass and Crappie

Lake Martin Bass and Crappie Same Day Bass and Crappie on Lake Martin

If you are ready to experience heart-stopping action for bass and the thrill of catching crappie on the same day, April is a fantastic month.

spider rig with livescope

Spider Rigging with LiveScope on Wheeler Lake

Winning tournament angler Kevin McCarley combines spider rigging with LiveScope for finding and catching crappie on Wheeler Lake in April.

national fishing

National Champion Eric Cagle Reveals How To Find Crappie

Winning tournament angler and guide Eric Cagle’s techniques for finding and catching crappie on Lake Martin in late fall.

Find Big Crappie on Lake Eufaula using Garmin’s LiveScope

Find Big Crappie on Lake Eufaula using Garmin LiveScope

Professional tournament angler Blake Phillips uses the latest technology and lures to catch big crappie on Lake Eufaula with a pattern that produces year-round.

3 pound crappie

Catch Slab Crappie This Winter on Lake Guntersville

A pattern for catching 2- to 3-pound crappie from last fall through winter on Lake Guntersville.

Weiss Lake Slab Crappie

Long-line Trolling at Weiss Lake

Hot tips from a top crappie guide for catching slabs in November.

Weiss Lake Crappie

Find and Catch Weiss Lake Crappie in Late Summer

Veteran guide and winning tournament angler David Stancil reveals how anglers can catch as many crappie in September as in spring.

Big Bear Crappie Fishing

Catch More Slabs on Big Bear

Veteran guide Brad Whitehead says Big Bear is a hidden treasure for crappie.