flatheads this spring

Catch More Flatheads this Spring on the Tennessee River

Legendary catfish guide Mike Mitchell reveals his strategy for catching flatheads this spring on Wheeler Lake.

Flathead Catfish

Fall Catfishing for Trophy Flatheads on Lay Lake

Apex predators, flatheads don't conform to catfishing stereotypes. This is where and how these big fish are targeted on Lay Lake.

Summer Catfish

Alabama Catfish Prospects for Summer

During summer, blue and flathead catfish offer anglers an opportunity to catch both numbers and possibly a trophy. Alabama anglers are never far from great catfish waters.

Wilson Dam Catfish

Wilson Dam Catfish Action in June

Instead of fishing for trophy blue catfish this month, veteran guide Mike Mitchell targets channel catfish below the Wilson Dam.

Lower Chattahoochee Catfish Action

Lower Chattahoochee Catfish Action

Downstream from Eufaula, the "Hooch" offers excellent summer catfishing. Here's how to join in the fun!

Limblines for Big Alabama Catfish

Limblines for Big Alabama River Catfish

How to catch big catfish on the Alabama River using limblines.

flathead catfishing in alabama

Flathead Catfish Destinations

Five destinations for catching flathead catfish this summer.

Winter fishing on the Coosa

Neely Henry's Trophy Catfish

Cold water fishing for trophy cats on the Coosa River.

Fishing on Lake Frank Jackson

Fall Camping and Fishing on Lake Frank Jackson

A fall camping trip to this state lake in Opp is a fishing treat.

Big Summer Catfish on Lake Andrews

Winning tournament angler Jody Atkins nabs trophy cats on the 'hooch.